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Ingeniously Designed to Conquer The Problem of Limited Accessibility
Developed by medical professionals, the Traybl allows easy access tools, items, utilities, consumables and so much more. You can mount your Traybl on just about any pole, rail, brace, or bracket -- so you can have everything you need, conveniently located within arm's reach.
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Mounts to most all of the following:
  • IV Poles: Any standard pole
  • Wheelchairs: Convenient and mobile
  • Walkers: Better accessibility for elderly
  • ​ Bedside: Mounts to most hospital bed rails
Multiple Uses:
   Special Needs
The Traybl is unique. It's patented design makes it mountable to any IV pole, walker, wheelchair, bed rail, or cart. The adjustable tray lets you make perfect use of space by utilizing any available pole-like structure.
Portable Design
Take the Traybl with you, no matter where you go. It's less than an inch thick, so portability is no problem.
Medical Application
Designed by medical professionals, the Traybl was invented to solve a major problem found in many medical offices.
Helping Hands
With all your necessary items accessible within your reach, it's like having extra hands almost anywhere!
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